Cooroy-Noosa Palm Lake News February/March 2017

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What a story new Palm Lake Resort Cooroy-Noosa residents Tony and Lynne Toscano have to tell! The pair met each other by accident (literally) when Tony was driving tow trucks in 1968 and became Lynne’s knight in shining armour. A date followed and they were married just 12 months later. Gorgeous twins and a beautiful daughter complete their family.
After retiring 2003, the travel bug hit and Tony and Lynne decided they would give cruising a go. They went on a few cruises which they absolutely loved and also did some overseas travel, fulfilling a lifelong dream. After returning home from their travels, Tony and Lynne decided to sell their family home and bought a motorhome so that they could discover more of Australia. It was during their travels around Australia that Tony and Lynne happened upon Hervey Bay. Thinking it was time to have a home base again they decided to sell their motorhome and moved into their first lifestyle resort. After a few years, Palm Lake Group purchased the resort they were living in.
“It was like a great breath of fresh air had come through the place,” Tony says.