Cooroy-Noosa Lifestyle Community Newsletter April/May 2017

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For many years, John and Maryann Hogan travelled and lived all over Australia with their work, never spending more than two years in any one location. Wanting to start their family, they decided to move back to their home town of Melbourne where they raised two strapping boys. But the itch to travel never left John and Maryann and when their boys became men they decided to scratch the itch and go travelling once more. On one of John and Maryann’s trips, they decided to start looking at the possibility of an easier way of living and started to explore lifestyle resorts and everything they could offer.

“We concentrated on the Palm Lake Group as they seem to accommodate more of what we were looking for. In 2015, I had happened upon some advertising that mentioned Palm Lake Resort had purchased land in Cooroy and building was about to commence. Knowing we were still a good 12 months away from making a decision I stored that little bit of information away,” recalls John. “In late 2016, Maryann had just returned from a fantastic holiday cruising the USA and with the timing perfect I hitched the van and went touring along the east coast of Australia.

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