Cooroy-Noosa Joan Joins the Palm Lake Family

Growing up on a tobacco farm in far north Queensland gave Joan Boreham, the newest member of the Palm Lake Resort Cooroy-Noosa family, an adventurous spirit for life.

“I had a fabulous childhood growing up in Atherton,” recalls Joan. “It taught me to be self-sufficient and independent and I have cherished it all my life.”

Having to move to the big smoke of Toowoomba as a young woman to commence her nurse’s training didn’t faze her one bit – it was just another adventure. After completing her studies, Joan moved to London to further her career but all work and no adventure was not like Joan so her and a friend jumped in a car and travelled around Europe.

Returning to Australia in the mid 1960s, Joan settled down, got married and soon welcomed her lovely children. Joan continued to work in child welfare (now known as baby clinics) over the remainder of her working career. After Joan retired, her and her husband purchased acreage in Boreen Point and it was only after he passed away that Joan realised the acreage was too much work for one person and decided she needed to have a look around for options.

Joan says she had looked at other lifestyle resorts but they never ticked all the boxes for her. Joan was visiting friends and her granddaughter in Cooroy when she saw the Palm Lake Resort signage. After visiting the sales office and receiving all the information she needed, Joan said: “I think that’s for me. It’s going to be amazing!”. Not only is Palm Lake Resort Cooroy-Noosa located in a beautiful country town it is also close to Joan’s family and friends, with her granddaughter living almost across the road. Joan can’t wait to move into Palm Lake Resort Cooroy-Noosa and start the next phase of her life.

“I’m so looking forward to relaxing and not having to worry about all the work associated with the acreage. I’m also looking forward to participating in all the activities the Palm Lake Resort lifestyle offers and I’m especially looking forward to joining other residents in the craft room, I might even have a go at ten pin bowling!” she says.

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